Jemi the pampered baby to a married woman

Jemima was brought up in a strict upbringing. Last but not the least of the family, born 10 years after the third child. I can still see all eyes goggling out when I say that I am youngest to my elder brothers by 16 years and my sister is senior to me by 10 years. Accidental but lucky baby to my dad. Was pampered by him, admonished by my mom in the fear that I would grow out to b a spoilt brat. My growing years was marked with constant struggle with my mom in my dressing sense, hair style. She always had something negative to say about me. But thanks to God my siblings and dad protected me from her constant bridling. Even when I was not at home, she would worry ceaselessly. In short, she lived me more than all, hence the fights. Too late that I realised after her demise in 2010.

Am a complete foodie who really munched on non veg delicacies like anything. Result, all the extra hormone ingested in chicken got transferred to me resulting in my attending puberty at 9 years. Mom’s crying and worrying for me and dad’s joy that his little baby has grown up knew no bounds. All these upset me that something is wrong with me only to be comforted by my eldest sister who taught me about the physiological changes going to appear in my body. Years flew by…

Almost 18 years has passed, now my mom’s worries was when I would be married off?  She had an motion in her head that I would not be responsible enough in my family, only to be assured by my sister that once all the pampering goes, I would be the most respinsive kid she would b surprised off. True to her word everything happened so. Only thing was my mom was not there to witness my marriage. At a ripe age of 28, got married to an chennite it professional first and second year went off joyfully with sight seeing and getting to know each other. Then, came the worry of why I still haven’t attained motherhood? Started the fertility treatments. 1 year of waiting long queues at gynaec. Bang came the impression that am having pcod…. 1 year of treatment with the best gynaec didn’t yielded the result we wanted. Then, I stood firm that God will give in its own time. Went all the medicines to dustbin and I began to do lifestyle modifications…. Wanna know what I tried?what’s this pcod is all about?